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Wanting to improve your health and wellbeing or make changes to improve your outlook and life experience. I offer healing modalities to assist you to achieve your goals and live a happier, enjoyable life. I am a fully qualified Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner. I make my own essences from a range of natural materials including flowers, leaves, herbs and crystals. I also offer Chakra Therapy and Guidance sessions. Click            and receive Flower of the Week updates.

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Flower Essences

Flower essences have been used for thousands of years by the ancient cultures of Indigeneous Australians and Native American Indians. Tribes would use the flowers of native plants and trees to help heal emotional, mental and spiritual wounds. The Australian Bush Flower Essences have been developed since the late 1980's. Flowers found in the Australian bush have been selected for their healing properties and address many modern day issues.

Flower Essences have been developed from a wide variety of flowers found in the Australian bush. I also make crystal essences and essences from leaves and herbs. The essences work to address emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms. Your consultation will include a detailed case history of your symptoms and circumstances and what you would like to achieve. Essences are then selected to best assist you with your current health/relationship/personal goals. 

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You've come to a place and you know there is no turning back. What you have believed for so long is no longer true. Everything you built your life on now seems like it isn't for you. Where do you go from here? How do you make the changes you so desire. Bring in what you want in your life and release all that which no longer works.

Guidance sessions allow you to gain a greater understanding of what has happened. With this you are able to consciously decide what you do want in your life and take the right actions to get you there. I provide you with tools and strategies that work to change the course of your life so you can move towards the life you desire.

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