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Wanting to improve your health and wellbeing or make changes to improve your outlook and life experience. I offer healing modalities to assist you to achieve your goals and live a happier, enjoyable life. I am a fully qualified Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner. I make my own essences from a range of natural materials including flowers, leaves, herbs and crystals. I also offer Crystal Therapy, Herbal Medicine and Talk Therapy sessions. Click            and receive Flower/Crystal of the Week updates.

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Flower Essences

Flower essences have been used for thousands of years by the ancient cultures of Indigenous Australians and Native American Indians. Tribes would use the flowers of native plants and trees to help heal emotional, mental and spiritual wounds. The Australian Bush Flower Essences use flowers found in the Australian bush which have been selected for their healing properties and address many modern day issues.

Flower essences work on the subtle bodies, gently shifting and changing the energetic profile, allowing the releasing of negative energy, emotions and blocks. Flower essences work to reset and re-energise, lifting our spirits and offering hope where there has been despondency. 

If you have found other methods of healing haven't given the results you have looked for or you have stubborn symptoms that are difficult to shift, Flower essences offer a different approach to healing.

I work with people who have many different ailments, including any type of acute or chronic illness. I specialise in working with Children who have learning difficulties and behavioural needs. 

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Crystal Therapy

Utilising the healing properties of Crystals in combination with the energy flows of the body, Crystal Therapy is a powerful way to realign the body and improve vitality. The Chakras, spinning centres of energy, hold much information about us energetically. They are linked to many organs and parts of the body. They are also linked to beliefs from our family of origin, emotions, intentions, hidden agreements and challenges that we have experiences on our life journey.

Balancing and correcting the chakra energies allows this baggage to be released. The energy flows within the chakras will be smoother and allow the energy flows within the rest of the body to be more harmonious. This results in feeling lighter, clearer, more focused, re-energised and more in flow with life.

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