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Flower Essences

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Flower essences are a form of energy medicine. They are made using the energy of the sun to imprint the energy of the flower onto water.

They work to shift the energy or vibration within ourselves, allowing us to release anything that isn’t working for us or needed any longer.

This can be outdated beliefs, old ways of responding to situations that are not working for us anymore, emotional reactions and triggers.

By working at a subtle level on the body, each layer is worked on and shifted. It then allows for further essences to work a little deeper again until we feel completely balanced and health is returned.

Flower essences can assist in healing almost anything from lack of confidence, relationship issues, low energy and lack of motivation or direction in life. Flower essences may also have a positive impact on any physical ailment, chronic or acute condition.


Another benefit of flower essences is they are self-regulating, taking for longer or more than recommended will yield no harm. Flower essences are perfect for anyone wanting to heal any aspect of their life.


They are also particularly great for children and children often respond quickly to flower essences.

I have been taught by Ian White and also make my own essences from a variety of flowers.

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