Frequently Asked Questions

Are Essences safe to use?

Flower, plant and crystal essences can be ingested. They hold the energetic information of the natural substance. The essences I make contain only purified water and a tiny amount of colloidal silver. The essences I make contain no physical plant, flower or crystal material and are alcohol free.

Is there any downside to using Essences?

Essences are self regulating which means once you have taken the required doses to effect change, having any further doses will not lead to other changes. The purpose of using essences is to assist with releasing negative emotions and energy that is blocking you from living your most authentic, fulfilling life. This may mean that deeply suppressed emotions can be released and felt for a short time while using the essences. This is a positive outcome and nothing to be feared. 

Where are consultations held?

Consultations are held at my home in Edgeworth NSW. For clients who live outside of the area or are unwell and requiring an appointment, zoom and phone appointments are available. Essences can be posted or can picked up from Edgeworth.

Can children use essences?

Children are very responsive to essences. The essences often work very quickly at clearing out negative energy and emotions.

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