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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bio energetic healing work for every condition?

As the therapy has the intention of promoting the healing processes, it may help to support whole body wellbeing.

Different people may respond differently to treatment. However, as it is less invasive technique than many therapies and is focused on promoting good health, it’s worth giving it a try to see how your body responds.

Are there any side-effects?

At this stage, there are few known side effects of bio energetic healing.

In rare cases, there can be what is termed as a ‘crisis of healing’, particularly those with chronic or autoimmune conditions. In this, symptoms become worse temporarily after therapy. This may be due to a treatment that was correct but too intense for the client’s body.

How long does therapy take?

This depends on the individual. If you have a chronic health condition, it has taken a long time for you to become significantly unwell. So it’s fair to assume that recovery will also take some time.

The duration of your treatment plan will depend on different factors such as your age, constitution, length of illness, other stressors on the body and the other strategies you are using to take care of your body. This will be discussed during your first appointment.

Can children have bio energetic healing?

Many children have received bio energetic healing. Practitioners often see that children require fewer treatments, as they have usually been exposed to fewer stressors over their shorter lifetime.

Do I have to abstain from certain foods?

It may be recommended that you abstain from certain foods to allow the body to heal. The length of time this is recommended for depends on your individual circumstance.