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Crystal Therapy

Crystals are rocks formed in the earth by different combinations of minerals being exposed to heat and/or water over time. Each crystal has unique frequencies that can be used to harmonise frequencies within the body. A person experiencing fear will have a different frequency to a person experiencing joy. Just as one can feel the energy when entering a room after an argument has occurred, the energy of emotions can be felt. Crystals allow a pathway for emotions which are ready to be released. Emotions have an important role as they can indicate beliefs which may be affecting our ability to live a joyful and purposeful life. Crystals can aid in bringing to light things that no longer serves us and assist us to connect to that which allows us to feel grounded and safe.


Crystals in combination with Chakra Therapy is a dynamic way to release and recharge. Chakras are spinning energy centres within the body. When they are balanced the energy flows smoothly and can indicate good energetic health. When there is an imbalance or blockage within a chakra, the energy may become stagnant, or slow moving. As each chakra is aligned to organs, parts of the body, emotions, glands and senses, an imbalance may show as poor emotional and/or physical health or poor life circumstances or connections. Balancing the energy flows within the body and chakras, restores harmony within the body systems.

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What happens during Crystal Therapy?

During Crystal Therapy, a selection of crystals will be place around and on your body. Chakras will be assessed indicating energy flows or blockages. The aura is scanned and crystals used for correcting imbalances or blockages. Chakras are balanced individually, which is a deeply relaxing experience. Any emotions or beliefs that are released from the chakras can be discussed. Meridian Therapy and Colour Therapy may also be conducted for some individuals, where indicated. Meridians are energy flows within the body which are aligned to organs and body systems.

A few different Crystals and their healing properties:

Amethyst: Stress relief, fear, headaches, connection to intuition, meditation.

Citrine: Sadness, abundance, joy, happiness

Obsidian: Feeling safe and secure, protection against negativity

Red Jasper: Balance, grounding, safety.

Rose Quartz: Self love, unconditional love, heart chakra

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