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Chakra Therapy

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Chakras are spinning energy centres within the body. When they are balanced the energy flows smoothly and good health and vitality results. When there is an imbalance or blockage within a chakra, the energy may become stagnant, or slow moving. As each chakra is linked to organs, parts of the body, emotions, glands and senses, an imbalance may result in poor emotional and/or physical health or poor life circumstances or connections. Balancing the energy flows within the body and chakras, restores harmony within the body systems.

What is each chakra linked to?

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Base: Safety and security, grounding, finances, legs, feet, pelvis, lower back.

Sacral: Energy, creativity, passion, sexuality, happiness, reproductive organs, bladder and kidneys.

Solar Plexus: Confidence, empowerment, goals, liver, pancreas, spleen, stomach.

Heart: All types of relationships, self love, forgiveness, lungs, heart, immune system.


Throat: Speaking and living your truth, career and life purpose, communication, thyroid, neck, mouth.


Brow: Intuition, seeing clearly, face and eyes.


Crown: Connection to higher self, divine guidance, brain, pineal gland, skull.

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What happens during chakra therapy?

During chakra therapy, you will receive an assessment of your chakras to indicate if they are open, or if there is any type of blockage. Your chakras will then be balanced individually, which is a deeply relaxing experience. Any emotions or beliefs that are released from the chakras can be discussed. Some individuals may also require a meridian to be balanced. If required this will be done during the session. Meridians are energy flows within the body which are linked to organs and body systems.

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